Novotny's Antique & Personal Property Estate Sale Services

About Novotny's Comprehensive Full Service Estate Sales

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  • Professional conduct
  • Experienced judgment
  • Knowledgeable pricing
  • Comprehensive complete approach
  • Honest sales and reconciliation of receipts.

The fee for Novotny's Estate Sales Service is based on a percent of the final sales receipts, discussed and agreed upon prior to beginning service. The agreements between Novotny (the agent) and the client (the consignor) are noted in a simple, one-page written contract.

The primary task of Novotny is to understand and implement the client's objectives. When a contract is entered into Novotny will work hard to achieve the client's estate sale liquidation objectives. 

The extent or flexibility of Novotny's sales negotiations with potential buyers is guided by the client agreements and special instructions. It is also informed by experience and study of many different property types and their specific value relevant characteristics.  Novotny can negotiate a fair price for both buyers and sellers for most property types, even those unusual and rare. Please review his valuation CV.

Frequently used objects excite little or no demand. During the concluding hours of a sale, remaining properties may be sold, considerably below the asking price, when the client's objective is total liquidation and their is limited demand for the object, and no alternative market seeking similar items.  Only low price makes a difference. More importantly, the gross sale only increases if a sale is achieved. At the end of the sale some items become a liability and require cost to handle further. And then there is the matter of the clean out.

Novotny must understand the urgency, or lack of urgency, of the client to totally liquidate.  He must understand which items the client prefers to retain if a" reserve" is not achieved.  Reserved object are identied on the one page contract. 

Experience is the key

  • From 1979 to 1999 an antique dealer
  • Since 1990 an estate sale agent
  • Since 1993 an accredited appraiser

Professionalism is the means

  • Established  mailing list of buyers, collectors and dealers
  • Advanced training and study in antiques and collectibles      
  • Effective merchandising and advertising

Integrity is the core

  • Honest and ethical service
  • Fair and knowledgeable pricing
  • Courteous, friendly and professional demeanor
  • Fast reconciliation of sales proceeds
Novotny's friendly, fair and honest sales approach engages buyers. He has a playful, but always sales oriented approach with buyers. For instance, during the final hours of the sale he may tease buyers with bulk sales offers thereby notifying all in ear's reach that such options are on the table.

Novotny will do the necessary research to price rare, valuable and unusual objects; he can arrange to consign them to an appropriate market where they are most likely to realize the highest value.

A Client Run Estate Sale Option - Novotny's "Other Hat"

Bill Novotny can also assist you with his advice and service as an appraiser rather than as your estate sale agent or broker. As an appraiser he can answer each and every one of your valuation questions. He can tell you how much to ask and how much to negotiate based on rarity and demand. He will provide a verbal value range for your objects. This allows you to produce your own sale, and to retain all of the proceeds of the sale.

The consultation will include information that will help you:

  • Advertise and promote the sale.
  • Organize and display your goods.
  • Secure valuable properties.
  • Control customer entry, flow and exit.
  • Manage unsold properties.
  • Identify alternate markets for unusual items.
Find out more about Novotny's Appraisal service paid for an an hourly basis. Novotny's primary business is not estate sales. He is also a general personal property and antiques appraiser. Novotny's Appraisal Services apply to many different valuation problems. Visit Novotny's Appraisal website for further information.

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