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William Novotny, a general antiques and personal property estate sale agent, has bought, sold and valued most types of antiques, personal property, fine arts, decorative arts and antiques for over 30 years. 

From 1979 (until 1999) Novotny was a major Los Angeles antiques and personal property dealer with several stores, the largest, in Glendale, was 20,000 square feet. He actively exhibited at major antique shows through most of the 1990's.  He has been an active estate sale agent since 1989, and has provided personal property and antiques appraisals since 1993.

Knowledge and Experience Matter. Experience with a wide range of objects and relevant markets provide the estate sale agent with the necessary knowledge to recognize and identify important, rare and unusual objects and to properly price objects that are common and ordinary for lot sales or with price tags.  Pricing must be fair for the client to benefit. Pricing must be fair in order to achieve sales and property liquidation.

The Universe of Personal Property (all tangible, movable objects)

There are many types of historical and modern objects made from many types of materials, made from all over the world, and made for many different utilitarian or decorative uses. The universe of personal  property types and objects is incredibly broad and requires careful judgment of the estate sale agent when pricing. 

The types of objects 

Personal property objects are made from or a type of:

fired metals:  gold, sterling silver & plate, bronze, copper, iron, steel, pewter and lead 

fired clays:  porcelain, pottery, earthenware, stoneware, red ware, etc.

fired glass:  blown or molded glass or crystal (utilitarian, collectible or artistic value)

fine art:  paintings, sculpture, prints, collage

decorative art: lamps, antique furniture, wall coverings, floor coverings, accessories, etc.

textiles:  rugs, carpets, tapestries, quilts, samplers, linens, lace, clothing etc.

ephemera: books, comics, magazines, manuscripts, autographs, photographs, posters, etc.

cultural objects (for ritual or daily use): Native American, Oceanic, Asian, European, African, Mexican, South American, European, folk art, carvings

military objectsuniforms, patches, medals, weapons, firearms, knives, swords, etc. 

instruments: navigation, medical, scientific, cameras, clocks, barometers, music boxes, recorded music players, musical instruments, pianos, automatons, patent models, discovery, etc.

collectables: rare records, dolls, toys, fishing items, firearms, swords, knives, tools, advertising, sporting, limited edition objects, figurines, etc.  

common and ordinary household contents: furniture, appliances, tools, sporting goods, electronics, exercise equipment, kitchenware, etc.

This short list of the types of objects found in household contents estate sales by Novotny is just a sample; in the real world of objects this list is nearly endless.

General knowledge and experience are necessary

Clearly no person can possess the knowledge and experience to identify and price every possible object for sale. All estate sale agents will lack some knowledge and experience. Yet there is a need for estate sale agents with the knowledge and experience identify and price any of these various types of objects could be present. Novotny has that knowledge and experience. Contact Novotny now for a free telephone consultation (and possibly a free onsite consult) regarding the liquidation of your personal property and residential contents. 

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